20 May 2018

Galaxy Series: "Star Sphere" | 2018


U. J. said...

Congratulations for this masterpiece, dear Eva Maria :o))
A fantastic filigree design in shape and color.
I especially like the interaction of the interior colors orange/black with the predominant exterior colors white/black.
Send you my best wishes and greetings from Lower-Austria:

Unknown said...

This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for in size! LOVE!!!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Holy CATS!!! I total wow. I look at this and see Hawaii. BRAVO!

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Thank you Uli for the support!
-Eva Maria

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Thank you Becca Scott!
-Eva Maria

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Thank you Marsha,
Happy Day!
-Eva Maria

Cath Thomas said...

This is truly magnificent. Compliments on this very beautiful piece.
- Cath

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Thank you Cath...Happy to hear from you!
-Eva Maria

Catrina Jewels said...

wow all your work is so beautiful and a big inspiration for me thank you for sharing your lovely beadwork. Ina Hascher

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Greetings Ina:
Thank you for the appreciation and support. Happy Day to you!
-Eva Maria